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urgghhh scammers r at it again :doh: urgh so there was an event called "s-fake pink rets 50k" so i went to check it out. At that time a few days ago i had brown fashion braided hair,the guy said he wanted my hair for it of course i said no because i was to suspicious and didnt want to be scammed. Another guy came and offer like 70k for them and a pair of shades. i watched the guy trade the scammer and give him the shades and money then he was kiked. I felt so bad considering i had to watch the scam happen. I coulnt see the scammers name cuz he put a piece of furniture in front of it. Although he seemed to be very noobish this was very wierd because he could wear them and gift them. STAY SAFE ALL U AMAZING BEAUTIFUL YOVILLIANS!!!!!! :!:
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