Hair scam??

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Okay so this is a TRUE story!! I went to a pagent one time and the owner's name was Jessica. Okay anyways. I had Austrillian Dip Dyed hair. She looks like a character that you know just started. Anyways.. She says to me in PM "Want to trade hair" And I said "Sure @Pm" She we trade and I put my hair in and she puts her's in.Then IT HAPPENED! She some how took out her hair! I have no idea how I believe it was some kind of hack and then (this happened after I clicked accept btw) She then clicks accept. Then she takes my hair and says "Thank you so much!" Then kicks me! It made me so mad! It took me 1 year to save for the hair! And she steals it! I couldn't believe what I have saw! Anyways the queastion is..Does anybody know what happened and how? Thanks ~Soul

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