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PostPosted: July 27th, 2012, 8:33 am

This week the news are bad for the owners of 08 costumes. Prices dropped drastically and sellers were mad. There were plenty of fake events trying to rise again 08s prices.

Some collectibles,rares and famous accessories followed the 08 costumes and lowered their prices too.

Nutcracker and Christmas items continue to stay high and are almost impossible to be bought by the average yovillian. That made them wanted from the rich ones.

Pink and Blue retros reached their prices from the last year and it will probably drop more in the future.

Despite sellers hopes prices will go up after fixing the gifting issue, that didn’t happen. The reason might be that many yovillians don’t play during the summer vacation. Other reason could be the market is glutted. Although 08’s are hot the trading section is overwhelmed with events of a same item and sellers are lowering their price so they can stay competitive and attract the few buyers out there.
People use the dropping prices and buy some desired items at a reasonable price.

Yoville is frozen under the Nutcracker and Christmas snow bumps. Is this gonna lead us to a cold winter or a sunny summer, we’re about to see.
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