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PostPosted: August 24th, 2012, 11:22 am

Through this week nothing much happened because of the lack of players through the summer vacation.

There is an expected price increase of spellbound and halloween items.
Last few weeks hot themes x-mas and nutcracker are dropping down.
08 costumes stay unstable through the whole week with drastic price difference-going up and down from one day to another.

The sellers as well the buyers are highly uncertain because of this instability. The situation gets even more complicated through the massive lack of players. That’s why the prices of certain items went up – they are hard to find. It’s a normal thing for this time of the year.

To all who returned from their summer vacation we are wishing a nice gaming and to all who are still on a holiday – a relaxing time-out.
Last but not least we wish one successful school year full of A+ to all of the students. We hope you’ve learned something good from YoVille. ;)
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