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It’s time for a week update. The last few weeks there was a chaos in the game.
Let’s see what is happening with the 08 costumes first. Their prices are going up and will apparently break new records. As usual some of the popular 08 collectibles are following the 08 costumes and they are getting more expensive too. Seems like the time when everyone had a chance to buy an old costume is over especially when Halloween is nearing. Again the 08 costumes are way too much for the ordinary player.
The other items increasing their prices are the Christmas items.
Even after the Spies vs SuperVillains theme the prices remain high other than expected and people’s budget doesn’t seem to be affected.

The Australian theme is fully finished and now the new Steampunk theme is out.

It’s been a long time since we had a hot hair like the new male one from the Australian clothing contest – Australian Jayrich Messy Hair.
There are thousands of events made by the male players in the trading section wanting to buy it. The hair is in the store but it’s already expensive. The interest for the female one – Australia Lionell Fringe Hair is also big.
Could it be these hairs are the next most expensive ones after they leave the store?

Next are the short time released items which appear in the game increasingly often.
Who’s fault are those releases and who they want to benefit is unknown but one thing is for sure – Zynga should finally make a statement and say something about that.

Something positive: a new feature which allows an easier and new way of contacting Zynga support has been launched. It looks promising – now you can contact Zynga support by setting a new account registration which will allow support requests to be dealt more efficiently because the whole information will come directly from a connected Facebook account.

This week was marked by the shortly high prices and the lack of players which is getting bigger.

Are the missing sellers the reason for the price increase or this is just a natural process, we’ll see.
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