Win a real handmade figure of your own Yoville avatar!

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Win a real handmade figure of your own Yoville avatar!

(The gifts are handmade figure of your own Yoville avatar like in this picture as an ornament for phone or key holder that will be sent by post to any destination in the world.)

The rules of thehe rules of the game are as follows:

Every day here in our Fb page > we will post a category from our site in which we will hide one letter, you have to find the letter and make a screenshot.

You should check every day for a hidden letter, because only people who have gathered all letters will participate in our lottery every Monday. Each letter will be a part of the word for the week, so you should not miss any. In the lottery will attend only people with all letters and screen-shots of all lettering with items in which they were hidden.

Every Monday we will do a lottery in which will be selected five winning names and then they will be asked for image with their avatar so we can work out their prizes. All collection letters should be sent by you here in our Facebook message box by the end of every Sunday evening. The last week will be selected 5 extra winners who have not won, but they have sent us every week complete collection of letters.

Now to find out what we mean by a hidden letter we will tell you the exact place in which the letter is hidden hoping that in this way will make it clear where you should look.

The game will continue till Christmas and you have seven weeks to participate.

We wish good luck to all from all our hearts!

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