How To Start Your Myspace Migration

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PostPosted: July 15th, 2013, 4:32 pm

:party: Congratulations to everyone on getting everything back
from Myspace YoVille. Ok, first you will get an Email sent
to the Email Account associated with your Myspace account.
That email will look like this.
Create a new Facebook account and add YoVille.

Skip Step 2 and just log into YoVille and you will need to click
the Tab that says Migration and then enter your Secret Code.

Wait 72 Hours for the migration to take effect.
If you follow these steps on your current Facebook account
you will lose all your current YoVille account, so create a new
account. You have until August 10th and then say goodbye
to Myspace YoVille forever!
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You can't have more than one account, it's against FB and Zynga rules, but you can ask someone close to you, of the family to do so, or to make just yoville where u can migrate your own myspace acc.

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