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Hola Yovillans! Today in The Ice News LittleLime NinjaPosted a Fourm Post Today Saying and I Quote ''Ello lovelies!

First of, I'd like to apologize for the lack of update on the Events Issue. I'm afraid, we too, haven't received any information. There's no reason for us not to share these to you guys, it's just, right now we have nothing as well.

No throwing of tomatoes, please.

Second, while we're all waiting for update, let's have a little fun here in the Forums. Post below to let me know that you're with me tonight!

Yes, yes. Some of you probably already know what this means.

Keep Calm and Do a Head Count!'' So Everyone Keep Calm and Stay In Yoville They will Fix the Events soon <3 And That Is Your Quick New Story <3 :sun:

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