Yoville Fan Pages Shut Down!

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PostPosted: October 15th, 2013, 8:42 pm
Hola YoPriceville Fans

Today Facebook Has Changed Their Terms of Service By Making it Harder For Yovillian's and Their Yoville Fan Pages Meaning that (Yovillian Facebook FanPage Admins)Aren't Allowed to Put ''Like'' And ''Share'' in there Yoville Facebook Pages As I Message Some of My Yovillian Admin Friends Here are some of the words they said about this Problem...
Annonymous-''you mean the like and share thing? If so I think it is bull crap. I understand where they are coming from people shouldn't have to share things on their page to be entered in a contest but they shouldn't be punishing all admins on the pages if they do get locked out and what not. I could lose my account over this bs. it stupid. They should have said something like we updated our TOS take a look''
Ducktape Said ''its unfair that facebook allows bitter pepole ruin something as wonderful as game pages who are only trying to help

Annonymous-''I think it sucks. But I guess we gotta do what we gotta do. If it's delete all of photos one by one. Oh well. It's to keep the page open so I'm all for it. Everyone is just going to have to help out until everything on the page is cleared and it is okay to open up again.''
So All Yoville Faceboook Admins/Managers Delete All Post With Tag's and Saying these Words "Like And Share" keep your Page Safe :)

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