Beware Of Snowville New Jumba Bows!

Here is a place where we could discuss what happens to prices in Yoville.

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PostPosted: December 29th, 2012, 7:35 pm
The Snowville Jumba Bows Was 6yc In Store right??? Now Ppl Starting to "Pricejack" It Some ppl Selling it 500k,600k,750k,900k,999k And The Highest was 1.2mil But When I come to Their Events They just kick me :o
Plz Help Me guys!
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People sell between 55 and 90k These prices are all over I do not know for what purpose you post here but I can tell you that for me all the little soul that is trying to raise the prices of items in the game are pathetic children or poor people who in real life have nothing. Sorry that they are still trying to earn real money from several pixels it is ridiculous and disgusting. :puke:

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