How to sell and buy in Yoville?

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1.How do you make an event on YoVille?

When you are in your "home", look just In the right bottom corner, you will see 3 small blue icons menus : three people (buddy List), Party hats (Events Menu),balloon (Chat Bar) click once on the events menu, you will see on top "Parties and Music" on the right u can see arrow , this is a drop-down menu there you can change the category of event and when u choice category click "create Event"

2.How to trade in Yoville?

First select the player of whom you would like to trade with. Second go up to "Make a Trade". Then wait for them to except your trade. Lastly, you drag the items from your inventory (the bar at the top of the screen) or put coins which is below, then you click on the little box next to "Accept". And if u selling you will see that your coins are more or if u buying when u refresh u will see your new item on your inventory.

3.How to refresh my coins in Yoville without having to logout?

Sometimes when you are on auction or a big sale and buy a few things you do not see how many coins you have truly.To be aware just ask someone to refresh your coins. This can be done with playing "Rock Paper Scissors", as other needs to close the game after you select rock paper or scissors. You do not need to play all the rounds. This works for fast refresh of your coins.
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this is a good post for all new yovillians (: great job
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Woot :3 Ty for info Snowy :3
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KissinCandy wrote:this is a good post for all new yovillians (: great job

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One more great thread from you :)

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