Information for the Accidental Released Snowville bears

Here is a place where we could discuss what happens to prices in Yoville.
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Hey Guys!

I just wanted to give everyone information about the accidental released Snowville Animal Print Plushie White and Snowville Santa Plushie Blonde. These two items were released accidental and removed rather quickly because of incompletion. Price Guides have got their information wrong, these bears are glitchy and don't show in trade properly. The Snowville Animal Print Plushie White doesn't show anything in trade except for a name above a white box and the Snowville Santa Plushie Blonde shows with the SnowVille Mrs.Claus Plushie Red although don't get fooled over a trick with this item read the name as it says Snowville Santa Plushie Blonde in the title above the picture in trade not SnowVille Mrs.Claus Plushie Red so please if you're going to purchase this item hover over the item to read the name so it can be verified.

Also note these two items don't show up on


-Miss Electric Blue, YoVille Wiki Administrator.

If further questions need to be answered feel free to message me.
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Thanks, this was helpful

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