Sorry My Bad on Fake Mafiaman scam!

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First of all, guy if your reading this, I want you to tell you thank you for the boost you did to help me reach my goal. You are a pretty nice dude. BUT what kind of sicko would go though all the trouble and time to convince me the Mafiaman was fake. I mean you literally went to a selling Mafiaman event and told me not to sell it because it was "fake?" And you and your friend called my MafiaMan fake a** just so youand your friend could get a laugh? That's sick man, really sick. You also almost scammed me by "trying to se if it was fake" and putting in 10c and you said the trade would fail. You almost got me there too. But luckily I said no and I followed my instinct. So concluding YBH llG0Dll is not a hacker (actually he might be) he's kinda a scammer. But finally, he is definitely a trickster. You are a sicko but your a nice sicko so thank you; and NEVER do that again you scared the $4!+ out of me. Oh yeah sorry for reporting you to zynga about what happened. ;) Were cool right? LOL :angel:

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