Pink/Blue Retros Scam!

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PostPosted: August 1st, 2014, 9:42 pm
Hello, This Is My First Post On This Forum.. I wanted to tell you all to be aware of scams. I'll Tell you what was going to happen to me..

I went to an event saying 'Fake Retros For Sale!' And When I arrived I told him How Much, He Told Me 500k.
I said Okay, Then He Told Me That It's Wearable. I was so happy that I will buy Retros That Will Look Alot Real! Like Wow! Then I told him I'll Buy...
After All This Happiness :D He Told Me It's Not Trade-able And It's Only Gift-able. I was like :lol: He told me to pay half the price first. And Then He'll gift it then I pay the other half. I didn't Agree Because I Felt He's Scammer! So Take Care Y'all :l:

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Thanks!! Scammers make me sick :puke: Just be careful!! :D

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