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Hola YoPriceville Fans <3

Its the Princess Fairy of the Ice Ice Fairy Today in Yoville Has Lost Many Yovillians do to Quiting/Been Banned for No whats so ever Reason be-hide the reason of getting banned As Yovilllan that play with us on the game that are Yoville Friends Or Real Life Friends Grow Tireless and Bored of Zynga and the Game Yoville Many Yovillians have Left the Game All because of these two things The Events (thats are still down) And the Auction House (that is still down...) As Yopriceville Forum Admin Taylor Has Said Quote-With the recent removal of the Yocash Auction Section after months
of being told it was Due to maintenance.
I am realizing that the Events are not returning either.We all know it and feel it ,but YoVille will come to an end soon.

As i agree with him a little bit but i do Somewhat agree but i know for a fact that this will be the end of Yoville... Here a Question For You Zynga Why not fix our events already and go on with your happy selfs we are tired of waiting and all of us are growing restless waiting for you to fix our Events for We the Players of Yoville to Giveaway stuff, Give Items to our friends, and Sell items that we want to sell... As Yoville Numbers Drop More and More and as Yoville Pages get un-liked and Many People Leave Yoville Everything doesnt look to Bright in Yoville...

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