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Hello Everyone!
I Haven't Been on here For How Long Now hmm.. But Who Cares! :D

Today i Come to You With a Hot Topic in Yoville That You Will Surly Enjoy!

On the Day January, 19 2013 Zynga Announced that Yoville Will Be Closing March 31, 2014 But As Many Yovillians Tried to Find a someone to take care of our beloved Games Jack (Y.C.O) (His Forum Name) Found a Potential Buyer Greg Thomas Old Creator of Yoville As Him and His Company (Big Viking Games) Posting this As i Quote
Yoville Fans: We agree, YoVille is awesome. If you guys can get someone from Zynga to reach out to us, we are happy to entertain the possibilities of buying it back and operating it again. - Your Friends at Big Viking Games / Greg Thomson
Yovillians Went Off to Get Attention and to Get Zynga Attention Buy Posting on the Forums and Even Getting The New Network CNN And also go many other people aware of this problem to I Found This Article From a Close a Site Called ''VentureBeat.Com'' As they Did a Story on how the company Zynga is Shutting down on one of the Most Oldest and Still Productive Games ''Yoville'' And I Quote what they Said

Zynga has decided to close one of its oldest games, YoVille.

Zynga told its gamers a couple of days ago that it would shut down YoVille by the end of March. The game has been around since 2008, launched as a casual game for people to play in a town-like community. It grew to millions of players and spawned a whole series of “Ville” games, or light-hearted simulations such as FarmVille.

But Zynga’s troubles have caught up with it. The company has had a hard time transitioning from Facebook games to mobile games on iOS and Android. The result is that it has seen a rapid decline in its Facebook audiences. It has cut its work force dramatically and shuttered a number of other games. YoVille appeared to be immune from that, until now.

Some “YoVillians” are taking it hard and have started a grassroots campaign with more than 5,000 signatures to save YoVille. They’re threatening to boycott Zynga altogether if it doesn’t save YoVille.

“We, the undersigned, vow to stop playing ALL Zynga games if YoVille is shut down. Sell the game to another company if you have no interest in maintaining it, but do not just pull the plug. If you do, you will lose us completely as customers.”

We’ve asked Zynga for comment. Zynga told players in December 2012 that it was not shutting down YoVille. The players said they paid for VIP membership on the basis of such promises. The game was developed by Big Tree (now Big Viking Games).

When players log in to YoVille now, they’ll see a notice from Zynga about the difficult decision to shut the game. The San Francisco company is offering to transfer any virtual goods they’ve purchased and give them gifts that they can use in other Zynga games: FarmVille 2, Zynga Poker, and Hit It Rich! Casino Slots.

If Zynga is planning to shut the game, as it has told players in its forums, then it appears the company’s efforts to turn itself around are still facing challenges. Don Mattrick, former head of Microsoft’s games business, joined Zynga as CEO last summer, with founder Mark Pincus moving to chief product officer. Mattrick has followed through on cost-cutting plans, but he didn’t immediately cut games like YoVille. But it looks like the old game has finally fallen.

In a statement, Zynga said, “Zynga recently made the tough decision to sunset YoVille so we can put more time and energy into developing new games for our players. Over the years YoVille developed a truly passionate community, and we thank our players for their dedication to the game. We look forward to delivering new and exciting social games that we hope our players will love playing with their friends and family as much as they loved YoVille.”

Mattrick has said in two past earnings calls that he is in the process of reassessing and resetting the company’s product pipeline and that the company is working on new games.

And Today the CEO Of Big Vicking Games Albert Lai Sent out this to
We at Big Viking Games (cofounded by Greg Thomson, creator of YoVille) would be happy to entertain the possibility of buying back and operating the game for it's amazing and loyal fans that have been very active in pitching us to take over the game before it's shut down. We've reached out to Zynga and hopefully we can find a way to work out a deal
Cross Your Fingers Yovillians and Keep Doing what Your Doing Because i think We Are Winning this Battle! Keep Up the Work and Keep Fighting!
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