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The following letter was sent to the over 6,100 registered supporters of the Keep Yoville or Lose Us Petition.

Good evening,

Thanks to you, the Keep Yoville or Lose Us petition has over 6,000 signatures from Yovillians all over the world. It's an inspiring show of support for the Keep Yoville/Boycott Zynga Games Movement.

Many of you are asking what you can do to help. Here are some of my suggestions.

TONE DOWN THE VIKING RALLY AND STAY ON MESSAGE! Posts should carry the message that you are leaving all Zynga games if Yoville is shut down. The likelihood of a deal with Big Viking Games is a long shot.

Other potential solutions that would result in the game remaining in Zynga's hands.They may be more inclined to help us if we aren't telling them to Yadda off.

BOYCOTT ALL ZYNGA GAMES - NOW! Protesting is great for our spirits but it does little to stop Zynga from shutting down the game. The company can handle seeing us angry and disappointed. We may get some attention but do little to change things. It's time to make good on our threat.

DON'T BUY FARMCASH, POKER CHIPS, JADE, COINS, OR ANY OTHER ZYNGA CURRENCY Don't give Zynga another dime. Remove all Zynga games. Starting now.

EVEN IF YOU DON'T PAY, DON'T PLAY!! You may not be paying for it but you are adding to the game's popularity which leads to higher advertising revenue.

LET THEM KNOW THEY'VE LOST YOU! File a ticket in each game as you leave, stating that you are leaving the game in protest of the Yoville Shut down.

And lastly,UNITE. It's time to put aside any differences we may have amongst our group and work together to convince Zynga to save Yoville.

STAY WITH US UNTIL THE VERY END. We're much stronger with your participation.



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