Zynga Wants a Fight Let Give it to them!

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Hello My Beautiful Yovillians! Its Your Beautiful Girl Ice Fairy With Some Hot News From Yoville! First Question You Guys Might Be Asking Me ''Ice Fairy Why is Your Topic Zynga Wants a Fight Let Give it to them!'' Because Today i found a Picture From the Group ''boycott zynga games'' And when i was look though the Pictures I seen A Picture With a Person Named (SaveYoville) And He/She Told His And Her Fellow Yovillians This
Warning Please Read!!!!!!!!!!!!
I Have a Friend Who Works For Zynga And Have Kept in touch with them though out this i have played Yoville since 2009 and Love this game with all my heart.. i was very sad when i heard of the Closing. but was prepared for it because i had been warned by my friend that it was a definite Possibility. my friend informed me today. that the campaign to save yoville has indeed put unexcepted pressure on zynga to sell the game. she said zynga was surprised by the reaction, they did not think it would be a strong as it has been. She also said that zynga has not started a campaign from optimism to Hopelessness they want the players to think the cause is hopeless so they will give up their fight. so my warning is just this. be careful about listening to the naysayers here who tell you it is hopeless and to give up on your fight. Hang in there yovillians, if we give up it over for sure. if we fight though we have a chance
Come On Yovillians! Keep Fighting Lets Show Zynga What They Did to us For the Past 7 Year! Let Give them a fight No Yovillian Will Ever Forget!

-Thanks Again Stacy For Letting me Write About This Topic The Original Forum Was Deleted By Zynga And They dont want there fans to know about anything Picture is going to be below :)
-Join the Fight to Save Our Game !https://www.facebook.com/groups/boycottzyngagames1/


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