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Hello Yopriceville Users! I know im not apart of the Yopriceville admin team, But I just wanted to stop by to tell you a real quick thing. Yoville players have been recently saying that they sell "FG Items", Also known as "Free Gifts". Theyre Versions of items that yoville players created or that yoville sent to very few players and people stared making more of them! Just yesterday I was not aware of this such thing called FG Items due to not being on for so long, And made the mistake of giving 3.7m and Pink Bunny Slippers, Only to find out afterwards that the item said free gift below. So Guys just please be careful! People are saying things such as ill use Join Me Viewer to prove to you that its legit. But people could easily just get on join me viewer and copy and paste your account url or ip, And hack you in the blink of an eye! FG Items will get your account banned and you dont want them on there, SO BE CAREFUL YOVILLIANS! :cash: :dance:

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