Car glitch

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PostPosted: June 28th, 2014, 3:41 am
Hello Yoworldians,
Hope you friends would be enjoying the game by buying & selling your favorite items, hanging around with friends and decorating as well.
Oh yes Decorating!
I have a story for you friends regarding some glitch.
I needed a good vintage car for decorating my room so I decided to search out the auction house and finally found my loved one “FLAPPER VINTAGE CAR” but didn’t know that purchase would become a waste for me.
When I tried to put it in my room it just shows “Empty space” It is not visible to me either my friends can’t see it but surprisingly I can ride it if I choose option to use it from inventory but can’t put at room as a decoration.
I will inform you guys if any update regarding this soon.
So please be aware of such glitches and keep informing us if you found any of such glitch.


Have a great day and happy gaming! :l:

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