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Like I understand at sales some things are more expensive and Noobs can't buy? But more recently I've been having alot of people asking me to lower my pricing? I feel bad for saying no but I'm looking for more money and I'm selling all my things for the recommended YoPriceVille price, so? Should I really feel bad?

And on another note, Message Box Sales The last few message box sales I've held at my yoville home I've had people come in trying to buy the things I've decorated with? Like do people not understand what a Message Box Sale is? Like I've even written it on whiteboards that point towards the envelope in the bottom right corner and people are still clueless. Am I wrong for getting angry or nah? Because it gets quite annoying after a while.

And another thing. (This is more of a rant than a question but hear me out.)
Yoworld Pageants are getting more and more idiotic as the years progress. Back in 2012 through last year Pageants were my favorite thing to do, and now all I see are people letting their friends win or kicking people out for NO reason....Like for example, a couple days ago I was at a fairly rich pageant (By rich I mean the prize was 10k) And the theme was costume and I was eliminated, the person I was going against was a Noob who was literally dressing in a bathing suit. I was in a Space SLime Monster Costume which I believe is discontinued? And I got out. I seriously don't understand why everyone else who was in costumes got in and the one Noob who wasn't even in a costume beat me? Like I get I'm being a sore loser but really? :shake: Like no. |(

And just to clarify I don't have anything against noobs, even though it may seem like it. But it just made me extremely angry. But anyways, PLEASEEEEEE send replys/messages or any sort of feedback!
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Sorry to hear your frustrations Jenna. When it comes to sales for me as long as I
am making more coins than I bought the item for I can take a discount on prices.
Remember that the Price Guides are just a guide and those prices are not set in stone.

As far as contests...I look at those as just social activity and I don't go to win.
If you win it's a bonus. Try to go to the free pageants that offer a prize and
don't spend coins on entry fees. It's the same fun ,but no loss of coins.

The easiest way to make coins in YoWorld is to buy low and sell higher.
Just make a profit while giving the next guy a deal that he can make a profit on.

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