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Here I am again with you dear friends!
I'm tired to be quiet, I'm tired of waiting, I'm tired of seeing that nothing has changed and because I can express my opinion will anyway. I’ll do it no matter what someone would think I just don’t care!

Thank God it's our forum here so no one can tell me to quit if I don’t like it there aren’t people to write nonsense in my post just because they are bored and have nothing else to do, as happens in the official forum.

So let me write what I think, what I feel and what is important to me, I believe, not only for me.

First, the game is nothing but only a shadow of what it was before; the game is dying day by day, and most importantly, none of these on who depends aren’t saying anything about it.
Days go by, becoming months, people forget what it was, and little by little recoil whiles their investment of time and money. Nobody believes that anything will change; no one hopes that everything will be as before. We are all loyal players sitting in a sinking ship, waiting to drown. That's it, nothing more, nothing less but the truth, even if it is an unpleasant it’s a fact.

The company sitting behind successful games and producing such obviously does not care for its customers who have invested the last five years in their business. Successful company, just without warning nibbling people 6 months with blank and false promises just to get out another one penny from their pockets..
Maybe they have supported these actions with legal regulations, probably in their rules is allowed but from a moral and ethical perspective this is terrible, it's ugly and unprecedented!

Information? Now I wonder what is it and whether for their company’s word has any meaning? Obviously not, apparently to inform their customers about what is expected is not a priority, to be honest with people is too much and requests huge resources for them…
Yes perhaps we want too much for in those last 5 years we have distribute them, we are committed in their favor and we spend our money on something that is not currently a priority for them or simply we are too dumb and still hope that this is not the end… lol I do not know. But, as to mention this kind of behavior towards customers is not a benchmark for success or further request the people's trust.

In this point, after all was said I will ask each of you, do not be silent; to say out what you think; to make petitions, posters, videos or anything you can! Let's do something together, let's stop reconciling and let's save our little world, no matter where we are, who we are, how old we are, we have something that connects us! Let us show that our community is strong and healthy and will not give up!

That's all from me for now dear friends, although we are less we are still here and hopefully even in a sinking ship we stand proudly on deck and follow the wind, we are here and we will be!

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