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Ancient Rome Laicie Green Eyes – 600k
Spies vs Supervillain Sly Eye Makeup Blue – 1.5Mil
Disco Bolt Makeup Female Blue – 100k
Mafia II Flapper Eyes Blue – 300k
Rainforest Nomi Eyes with Makeup Blue – 100k

Neon Black Spring Ombre Hair – 330k
Minature Park Updo Hair Red – 500k
Female Black Winter Hair –80k
Snowville Ice Updo Hair Green – 200k
Yorient Wavy Curl Hair Blonde – 150k
Curly Blonde Pink Streaked Steampunk Hair – 430k
Punk Jester Female Hair Indigo – 150k

Hazy Red Lips – 80k
City Of Love Glossy Lips Red – 100k

Farm Girl Nose – 40k

Milky Flying Bacon Pig – 180k
Desert Island Flying Bird Yober Red – 150k
Enchanting China Jumba Swords Green – 50k
Enchanting China Jumba Swords Blue – 50k

Groovy Headband Pink – 150k
Black Police Hat – 400k

Kentucky Races Drop Earrings Blue – 60k

Blue Fall Glasses – 80k

Fashion Animated Hair Styler Machine – 150k
NYC Animated Hotdog Stand – 50k
70s Vegas Couch Maroon x2 – 150k (each)
80s Arcade Snow Panic – 350k
Beach Tiki Bar – 250k
Beach Tiki Bar Stool x2 – 50k (each)
Graveyard Pirate Zombie – 300k
Holidays Xmas Tre With Cat – 250k

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