Here is a place where we could discuss what happens to prices in Yoville.

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I think that the other hair's are being sold for to much money after it is no longer avalible in stores ...After a hair is no longer to be bought in stores it sky rocketts in price making it harder for people who want it to buy it Cause no one want's to pay all most 100k if not more for it If at one point being sold for 18yocash in stores....So i believe that when the hair can't be bought at stores it shouldn't go up in price it should stay fairly cheap so that way's any one that wants to buy it can without paying to much for it...I believe this is somthing yoville really needs to work on
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Once it goes out of store, its price is going to go up miraculously because you cannot buy it anymore. This happens with any item. As far as yovilles moderators helping with that, they have no control over it. Players are allowed to price the items at what they think they are worth.
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i think AJsNabbinPoprocks is right about that...yopeople can sell items for how much they want...
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