Lilly Bubbles Wishlist! God Bless You All Merry Christmas

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Things I Would Love For Christmas Please Note None Of You Have To Gift Me These Things But I Would appreciate it a lot,I Cant afford much for Christmas so, if you gifted God Bless Your Heart <3
1.Cudids (Any Color)
2.Highschool bubble (any color)
3.Legends Long Side Swept (Any color)
4.Diva Hoops!
5. Diva Shades
6. Any 09 Costumes Please Don't Gift Me The Really Expensive Ones Im Not Worth It :/
7.Yma Hair (any color)
8. Black Police Hat
9. Nomi Malone Mouth
10.Bunny Slippers (any color)
11.Retros (any color)
12 Coins (any amount) even 10c
13.Annivarsy Hair (any color)
Again I Would Appreciate it greatly if you gifted me any of these Merry Christmas I Will Try To Gift You All Back! God Bless and Remember What The Reason For The Season Is! :inlove:

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