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Hi everyone & Happy Holidays! If anyone could give me my Christmas list items that would be amazing and would mean the world to me! If you cant afford these items or dont have the items than please dont buy them just for me thats a waste of your coins! :inlove:

1. Cupid wings (any color)
2. Diva Shades
3. Mafia Baseball Bat
4. Yoville Cap (any color)
5. NYC Chihuahua Bag (Any color)
6. Female Elf 2008 Costume
7. Christmas Short Hair (Any Color)
8. Festive Christmas Tree
9. Holiday Pink Lights
10. Yellow Christmas Ribbon Tree

Just message me back if anyone of you guys would like to give one of my wishlist items. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas everyone!!! :inlove: :D :*:
MsLogic :D :)

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