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Hey i would like to share with you guys today me and my friends wishlist ok so here it is :D ... please reply if your available to giving any of these items to me and my friend

fashion braided ponytail black
medieval fantasy jumba wavy hair black and blonde
kentucky races side wavy hair brown

spies vs supervillain sly eye makeup blue
OneEye eyes pink
yoscar recarpet makeup green

(male) high school bubble mouth blue,green,and red

[clothes and accessories]
groovy headband green and pink
SnowVille jay striped hat blue
shepherdess costume and cane
cupid wings black,white ,and pink

Well Thank You For Reading ..... ill send you the apartment link to you when you reply because i still need to see so i will have the apartment link soon... so thank you for reading :sun: :rofl: :D btw plzz help me complete my wishlist thankyou and have a "Wonderful christmas :* and a Happy new year :d: :dance: "

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