Is Yoro going up or down?!

Here is a place where we could discuss what happens to prices in Yoville.

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PostPosted: April 13th, 2013, 4:33 pm
Im wondering if i should sell my yorothy 08.! Friends have told me to sell for 14-15mil but i think thats a little bit over,for what the prices are now..Please help!:) Thanks! And also, if its not going up.When will it? :p ty! :handshake: :nod:
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Hi Scotttland,

Welcome to the forum.
We never know when an item will go up or down in price until it actually happens.
If you bought Yorothy as an investment 4 months ago then yes now is a great time to sell.
That should be a good profit.
If you bought the costume because you enjoy it... then keep it.

I encourage you to buy items that you like and enjoy them.
I have bought items that were 50-90k when I bought them and now they
are worth a whole lot more,but I would never sell them .....because I like them.

My opinion on 2008 costumes is that they will go back down when the coin sellers need
more coins to sell for USD.Buy low ..sell high then buy low again and sell high again..That's YoVille.

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