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Hello everyone, we received many messages and inquiries about the cheap prices of some items in the game. So we think it is appropriate to explain what is happening and why the prices of these items are so low.
First let me explain for those who have not yet realized that the last few months some people were able to make expensive items which have not been released original by Zynga, but these items can be known only in the inventory. Fake (hacked) items are marked with free gifts instead of items with coin values ( all 08 costumes and items) which can be sold back into the game or cash items marked with non refundable inscription under the picture of the item at your inventory. Such items (fake) are much cheaper than the original, but they are also a risk for all buyers. Last week we have read a lot of threads about people who have been banned due to holding such items. Personally we can not guarantee that these rumors are true, but in all cases the purchase of such illegal items is at your OWN risk. :!: ~ Yopriceville Team.


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